Musselburgh Art Club Inspiration update September 2017

Sept 2017 Update I have added some photos from Dunbar, Ocean Terminal In Leith and Arthur Seat where I was painting plein-air.. Dunbar was a wash out but the photos are interesting. There was a clear weather field in the distance and it was really interesting seeing the enormous gas tankers in the firth of forth appearing and disappearing from the horizon. The rain was so clearly defined and the result was lots of photos but none that captured the drama of it. So if anyone would like to paint one of the images we would love to see the result. (applies to the gallery on this page only. All other images are copyright to the photographer).

Do you need some local Musselburgh Artistic inspiration? Well here are a few pictures- Feel free to paint them just share them via social media and also with the club so we can post onto this page!

Credit and thanks to Alec Sibbald for the Harbour Photos!

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