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Members isolation painting challenge

So as we can’t meet in the club it was suggested that we pick a painting subject and then we publish them on the website…

This is a Challenge to anyone who would like to do this, to try and help us through this hard time.

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A set subject for 4weeks,” End April “. then share the work and move onto next topic. 

The first topic would be “a Boot” it can be a Ladies, Gents, Old, New, paint, draw, whatever medium you fancy it is up to the individual how they Interpret the subject.

If you are interested go ahead and paint, I am sure we will see some exciting exhibits.

At the End of April (or before) Members can send your pictures to

If you have any other Queries contact Anne Scott.

 Enjoy Anne and Maureen.

Non Members May also post to our Facebook Page and remember its for fun so not many rules and no prizes.. Keep Painting!