GDPR – Request personal data

Dear Visitor

The Club keeps minimal data other than email address however please enter your email address and the wordpress server will check if we have any data linked to your user.

The data is not instant so it should take a few minutes but no longer then a working day and will arrive to your email address. 99% of our users will not have any data stored other than the minimum required to keep you updated on the mail list.

Please contact us by the email address once you receive the email but only if you wish the data to be removed. It will of course remove any links to your name or photographs on this site.

If you wish the data identified by this tool to be removed please email to action this request. It will be then processed at the earliest moment.




Dear member or email subscriber,

I’m writing to make you aware of a new EU Regulation that comes into force later this month which affects the way that we are allowed to hold and use data – in particular, details relating to you as a member of Musselburgh Art Club. Please take a moment to read through this email and get in touch to let us know what you would like us to do.

On 25th May 2018, a new European Union (EU) data protection law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will come into effect. The GDPR gives individuals more control over how their details are used, and it places certain obligations on businesses that hold such information. These regulations therefore will help protect your data and how it is used.

This applies to us because we currently have your details on file so that we can communicate important information and news about Musselburgh Art Club. We are committed to sending only information specific to the Club and use your details for no other purpose and we will never knowingly sell or share any of your data to any third party.

If you would like to continue receiving emails from us, please let us know in reply to this email. We may send you a reminder if we don’t hear from you but will not do so after the 25th May 2018.

If you do not reply you will not keep updated with any club activities other than on a traditional noticeboard in the club.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to receive emails, please let us know and you will be removed from our mailing lists.

Thank you.

Full Definition of use of data for Members and Non Members.

Published online

  • Paid Club Members only

The Club maintains only a minimum amount of member information relating to paid club members. This is the information we require to run the club.

The personal data is to be stored in Paper Format signed by a committee member and the club Member at the time of joining the club. The data we store is but not limited to Name, Address, Phone, Contact information, email address, next of kin and payment method of cash or standing order (but no financial information as members are provided with the standing order details as a member must create this in their own bank account.)

This membership data will be kept in a locked cabinet with access limited to club committee members.

No members personal data is to be shared with any other member or third party without exception unless that member is engaged in activity for the club that requires another member to be contacted directly in relation to that activity. The example of this is in relation to the organization of club exhibition setup or volunteer activities during an exhibition.

This member data will be converted into an electronic document format like Microsoft Excel to be kept as a private and password secured document that has user access control and tracking activated but enabling the committee members access required to run the club.

The treasurer maintains a ledger of payment from the club bank account monthly as in line with normal banking practice.  This is also hoped that this could be converted into an electronic format like Excel.


We will use the personal information that you provide to Musselburgh Art Club:

  • to administer and provide membership and access to the studio to you;
  • to process payment in relation to any enrolment;
  • to inform you about club activities and other services that we provide, but you may stop receiving these at any time by sending a message to

To verify a request by a member to access a copy of any information that the club holds as required by the GDPR changes May 2018.  Send an email to to request this information as defined in the legislation. The club will publish a request form that will be required to be completed to invoke this request. The club must confirm that the request is from a verified club member and the request must be made in either in writing electronically to email or the request form printed and submitted to the committee secretary.  The club has one calendar month to respond to the request.

Please review for a copy of this policy and to access the request form.

  • For All Club Members, our Non members and general public access Facebook page and our email lists connected to

The Club does use other websites to manage our communication and this includes Third Party companies such as , on Facebook we do also manage our internet subscribers users in free party marketing software called MailChimp which is an added integration on to the club website and Facebook sites. The use of this data is to simply send email updates to each subscriber and we do not at this time differentiate between club members and non members however this may be used at a later time. We are committed to sending only information specific to the Club and use your details for no other purpose and we will never knowingly sell or share any of your data to any third party.

The internet has so many pages about this new change that we include the following website published by the EU should you need further information.