Musselburgh Art Club Members Agm

Musselburgh Art Club Members AGM

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AGM 2018


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING MINUTES                                               29 September 2018        19:00-21:00

­­In attendance: Douglas Findlay, Peter Gray, Maureen Harkness, Margaret Hunt, Al Livani, Mary Hunter, Kay Marriott, Robin Renton, Charlie Roper, Scott Sibbald, Kathleen Stalker, Kenny Taylor, Krystyna Walkingshaw, Christine Wright, Isa Wright.

Apologies: Dawn Burgoyne, Rosie Dodgson, Pat Falconer, Irene Grant, Alistair McIntyre, Jeanette McIver, Eileen O’Brien, Lucy Tut, Frank Weir.

1            Welcome club members to the 2018 AGM.

2            Members present and apologies

              All members present signed a register. A list of apologies was also provided. See lists above.

3            Minutes of 2017 AGM approved.

4            Chairperson’s Report

              Charlie Roper:

              It has been another good year for the club, with membership currently at 73.

              Members of the Club were again asked to help Musselburgh Primary School with drawing and painting for their annual theatre production. It is good to see how good some of the children are. I would like to thank Dawn Burgoyne, Eileen O’Brien and Charlie Roper for their 100% effort.

              The Haddington exhibition wasn’t as great a success as we anticipated. A great deal of work went into this but sadly it didn’t bear much fruit. A big thank you to everyone who helped out for their hard work. It was a teaching experience for the Club for any future exhibitions.

              The calendar evening was good fun for all who attended but the procedure for choosing the pictures may require a slight adjustment to get it right.

              The Christmas night out at the Rockville was a great success and enjoyed by all, not only the quiz arranged by Maureen Harkness but also the singer. The Burns’ night was also great fun for all in attendance.

              There was no critique night this year but it will be back next year.

              The annual exhibition at Musselburgh Town Hall was a great success, especially on the first night which had a very good attendance. Slight adjustments to the layout appear to have helped. The end of exhibition evening was a good night and we took this opportunity to arrange a little surprise birthday celebration for a special member of our club, Evie.

              As many of you know, I am stepping down from the position of Chairperson and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the committee members for their help and support over the last two years.

There is no replacement Chairperson yet. While Charlie is stepping down he will continue to help with the committee.

5            Election of bearers and committee members

              Eileen O’Neill is now a member of the committee.

              Douglas Finlay is stepping down from the committee. Many thanks to Douglas for his invaluable work in organising the annual exhibition.

              Other committee members will continue to stand and were seconded by club members.

6            Treasurer’s Report

              Kathleen Stalker:

              The last year has been a continued success. The annual exhibition was a great success with more paintings and goods sold than the previous year. Some goods were bought for the exhibition which will be reused, justifying the cost.

              We currently have £7538.25 in the bank. With expected expenses of rent, utilities and maintenance, we are left in a strong position.

              Therefore I propose that the membership fee remains at £85 per annum. Standing order users will be due a one-off payment of £25.00 in addition to the £5.00 monthly charge. This is the club’s fourth year without an increase in fees.

The membership fee proposal was put forward and approved.

It was also agreed that the fee for keys for the club house remains the same. The cost of      cutting the keys has gone up but this will not be passed on to new members.

The ‘Misc.” section of the Financial report was explained. This includes expenses such as advertising, donations and everyday expenses. It was requested that this could be clarified for the next report.

Fees for letting halls was also discussed as East Lothian Council are planning to charge for letting out halls. Kathleen Stalker is to investigate but this should not affect the exhibition as the Town Hall is not run by the council.

7            Exhibition – any issues to be discussed

              There was a positive response to the exhibition overall, in terms of the ranges of paintings and crafts and the way that the venue was arranged. The list of exhibits displayed on the stage to prevent access received a positive response; this was done as a result of feedback from last year.


              It was agreed that one exhibition per year was enough due to the amount of work it entails from the committee to organise.

8            Suggestions for the year ahead – what could be done better?

              It was suggested that larger pictures be brought forward and displayed on easels as the wall behind the stage is fragile. This may mean there is not as much for larger pictures as there has been in previous years.

              The subject of screen arrangement and lighting was discussed, particularly as natural light is restricted. This has been looked at before but will be reviewed for the next exhibition.

9            Any Other Business

              The display wall in the club house was discussed. It was suggested that there be a time limit on how long pictures are displayed as some have been up a number of years. Maureen to email artists who are displaying pictures to ask if they can be taken down or agree to them being displayed at Levenhall.

              New members are being shown the wall and are finding it to be good encouragement.

10          Date of next AGM

              It was agreed that the AGM take place at the end of September 2019.

END 2018

AGM 2017

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 Musselburgh Art Club is a registered charity number sc004305 and is supported by East Lothian Council. 


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